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Welcome to my art blog!

this website was made in Neocities, using a template by (all the credit goes to Sadgrl for this layout, I have simply fucked around with it)

This is mostly just a portal to my AU page currently, including other infomation such as socials and commission infomation, but I will update it when/if I add more pages..

Info about me!.

My name is Orange!

my pronouns are They/Them/Theirs, Xe/Xim/Xir, or It/It/It's

I love hit entertainment shows (such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, and Bob the Builder), I like BBC Ghosts and horrible histories, and I like star trek (specifically TOS)!

I also enjoy open world games, like Minecraft, Farcry 5, Fallout (4 and new vagas, but I want to play 3 soon), Skyrim, Bugsnax, I could go on LOL.

I'm currently studying health and social care to become a youth worker.

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My main hobbys are: Art, writing, and gaming.